Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls custom glass wall

Sound-Rated & Specialty Glass Walls

NanaWall acoustic glass walls and specialty glass wall systems enhance spaces with custom glass wall solutions to meet unique design challenges.


Whether it’s a specialty configuration, STC-rated glass door systems, or extreme weather needs, NanaWall systems are the high-performance, aesthetically pleasing custom glass wall solution to suit any commercial or residential application.

Our Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

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Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

Sound Control Solutions

For effective sound buffering, NanaWall offers customizable sound-rated, acoustic glass wall systems. We offer sound control solutions across all our product lines: folding, sliding, frameless, and minimal sliding glass walls that can achieve acoustical values up to STC 45.

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Fold Flat Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

180-Degree Stacking

A true NanaWall custom glass wall innovation,180-Degree Stacking panels fold and pivot for easy operation and stack parallel to the opening. This allows for clear circulation in and out of the opening and provides expansive views.

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specialty glass windows

Window Door Combination

With dual-height technology, a customized window/door configuration combines opening glass windows and opening glass walls into one unique custom glass wall system—perfect for unique, highly functional kitchens, and more.

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HSW Systems Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

HSW Systems

With superior operation and aesthetics, NanaWall HSW Systems’ single track sliding glass walls offer transformative solutions for unique spaces that require design flexibility. Our individual panel sliding, custom glass wall system gives limitless possibilities to design professionals that elevate the beauty and functionality of a space.

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Environmental Extremes

NanaWall offers a complete, impact-rated solution for environmental extremes and secure options for superior protection from wildlife, without compromising on beauty or functionality.

Hurricane Zones Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls

Hurricane Zones

Enjoy peace of mind in hurricane territories with NanaWall’s toughest folding glass wall system that has been tested, certified, and approved for superior performance in extreme weather environments.  

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Bear Resistant Sound-Rated and Specialty Glass Walls


Bring the outdoors in, in even one of the most extreme environments—bear territory. Enjoy open views with our customizable folding glass door system that provides the utmost in strength and security to prevent bear break-ins.

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