Celebrating a Decade of Design Excellence: The Top 11 Winners of the 2023 NanaAwards

By NanaWall Systems, February 21, 2024

11 winners of 2023 NanaAwards

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2023 NanaAwards, a celebration that showcases remarkable achievements in architectural design and innovation. As we mark a significant milestone in the journey of the NanaAwards, celebrating ten years of architectural innovation, this year's design competition has been nothing short of spectacular. With an unprecedented number of submissions from architects, builders, designers, and homeowners and a record-breaking 10,000+ votes cast by our esteemed community, the diversity and excellence of projects were truly beyond our expectations, making this competition the most exhilarating and competitive yet.

Each winner stood out in their category, demonstrating unique applications of NanaWall solutions that redefine space and design. Let’s dive into the accomplishments of our winners, whose projects have not only inspired the design community but have also set new standards for excellence. While we eagerly wish to share detailed stories of all our winners, here is a glimpse into the categories that captivated our voters’ imaginations.

The 11 Winners of the 2023 NanaAwards 

Best New Build 2023 NanaAwards

Best New Build: California Dream

The California Dream project stands as a testament to the desire to bring the essence of California living to West Vancouver. This home not only integrates the indoors with the outdoors but it does so with an elegance that sets a new standard for residential design. For this show-stopping design, Upward Construction used both Generation 4 NW Aluminum 640 folding glass walls and floor-to-ceiling minimal sliding glass wall cero across all three levels of the home. 

Best Commerial 2023 NanaAwards

Best Commercial: Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson

Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson represents the pinnacle of luxury and functionality in commercial hospitality design. Located in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, this project exemplifies how commercial spaces can offer flexibility, comfort, and aesthetic appeal. BRP Architects designed these venue spaces with the ultimate performance and versatility in mind using Generation 4 NW Acoustical 645 and NW Aluminum 840 folding glass walls and single track sliding HSW60 systems.

Best Remodel 2023 NanaAwards

Best Remodel: East Vancouver-Elevated

East Vancouver-Elevated showcases an extraordinary transformation of a 1912 home, carefully updated with folding glass window/door combination SL60 by TQ Construction to meet the needs of a modern family while preserving its historical charm.

Best Restaurant 2023 NanaAwards

Best Restaurant: KANU Restaurant & Bar

KANU Restaurant & Bar by Ervin Architecture puts Maine’s dining scene on the map with a space that is dynamic, versatile, and truly inviting. This farm-to-table restaurant, vibrant nightclub, and rooftop lounge set a new benchmark for entertainment venues. Ervin Architecture thoughtfully designed this restaurant using a folding SL45 system to transform the space.

Best Office 2023 NanaAwards

Best Office: Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center

The Mount Sinai Surgical Simulation Center reimagines an old gymnasium into a cutting-edge facility where surgeons can hone their skills. This project highlights the potential of adaptive reuse in creating functional and inspiring spaces. GKG Architecture used folding SL70 glass walls on this versatile office design.

Best Patio Porch 2023 NanaAwards

Best Patio-Porch: Palm Springs Hideaway

The Palm Springs Hideaway redefines outdoor living, creating a seamless blend of interior comfort and the beauty of the Palm Springs landscape. In this project, the homeowner pushes the boundaries of what a patio can be, offering a complete environmental envelope using folding SL60 patio doors.

Best Cold Weather 2023 NanaAwards

Best Cold Weather: Golden Colorado Residence

In the face of the challenging climates of the Rocky Mountains, the Golden Colorado Residence provides a year-round indoor/outdoor space that embraces stunning mountain views while offering comfort and warmth. Generation 4 NW Wood 540 and CSW75 Center Pivot systems were used in this expert build by Dream Makers Landscape.

Best Legacy 2023 NanaAwards

Best Legacy: Greenhouse Cottage

Greenhouse Cottage in Haliburton, Ontario, is a model of efficiency and sustainability, demonstrating how small, well-insulated spaces can extend their usability through the seasons while maintaining low energy consumption. Architect Staheli Architektur GmbH used a folding SL60 to create this stunning greenhouse design.

Best ADU 2023 NanaAwards

Best ADU: Alamo ADU

Alamo ADU illustrates the harmony between interior spaces and the lush exterior, promoting wellness through Biophilic design principles with a NanaWall folding glass wall as a central element. Architect Darren M. Kelly used the Generation 4 NW Clad 740 in this construction collaboration with Artisan Home Builders.

Most Unique 2023 NanaAwards

Most Unique: Poolside Serenity

Poolside Serenity in Greenwich, CT, is a unique curved opening glass wall project that beautifully integrates architecture with the natural environment. Fairfield House & Garden used a NanaWall HSW60 single track sliding system in their uniquely shaped “S” exterior design to connect the indoor comforts of their pool house with the outdoors seamlessly. 

Best Lakefront 2023 NanaAwards

Best Lakefront: Lake Winnipesaukee Porch Remodel

Following the addition of a NanaWall system in their guest house, the homeowners of Lake Winnipesaukee Porch Remodel in Wolfeboro, NH, were inspired to bring this design feature to their main residence, enhancing their century-old home with views that make the lake feel like an extension of their living space. Beckwith Builders used a folding Generation 4 NW Clad 740 system in this home design.

Hilton Scottsdale North at Cavasson 2023 NanaAwards winner

Final Thoughts

The 2023 NanaAwards design competition has not only celebrated the remarkable achievements of this year's winners but has also reflected on a decade of fostering innovation in design. We extend our heartfelt gratitude and congratulations to all participants, voters, and the design community for making this awards season a phenomenal success. The creativity, innovation, and passion evident in each submission have truly set a new benchmark for design excellence.

As we look forward to the future NanaAwards, we are inspired to continue celebrating the achievements of those who share our vision of transforming spaces with unparalleled aesthetic and functional finesse. Your exceptional projects showcase the best of NanaWall and inspire a future where design knows no bounds. Stay tuned for more insights and stories behind these incredible projects as we continue to celebrate the winners of the 2023 NanaAwards, and see more applications in our project inspiration gallery!