Our opening glass walls are as beautiful as they are functional, but often questioned, is how to provide sun control and nighttime privacy. Up until now, privacy options have been limited to horizontal drop-down or pull-across shades, and curtains. As none of these options provide the versatility or cohesive aesthetic truly befitting of a NanaWall system, we are now offering a shading system designed specifically for NanaWall’s aluminum, wood, and frameless glass walls. NanaWall is proud to be the first manufacturer of opening glass walls to have produced a custom-designed shading product, created to work seamlessly with our offerings.



As the perfect accompaniment to any framed NanaWall system, our shades have an exceptionally slim profile and rest comfortably against the glass exterior without any protrusion beyond the panel profiles. Thus, whether your NanaWall system is stacked off to the side, partially open, or fully closed, one never need worry about any loss of function to the overall system.



Installing the shading system itself is simple, and can be done at any time. Its design allows the shades to be suspended at different points along the glass’s length allowing for flexibility of coverage and ease of use. NanaWall Shades also comes with an adjustable rod so that shades can be moved up or down easily, regardless of the height of the panel to which they are attached.



Due to their availability in a variety of colors, textures, and densities, our shades blend effortlessly into any aesthetic. Whether you are seeking an enhanced sense of privacy, or to redirect the flow of natural light into your space, NanaWall has the solution to fulfill your unique shading needs.

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