Top 2023 Designs Revolutionizing Spaces Using Retractable Glass Walls

By NanaWall Systems, December 27, 2023

NanaWall retractable glass walls

As we approach the close of 2023, it's time to celebrate the extraordinary versatility and innovation showcased across a variety of commercial and residential spaces using retractable glass walls. This year, we've witnessed an exceptional array of commercial and residential projects that beautifully incorporate our folding, sliding, and frameless glass walls. These projects are not just about winning contests; they are a testament to the creativity and vision of our valued customers – from industry professionals and architects to designers and homeowners. Each project, shared across our NanaWall product lines, has led the way in top designs, demonstrating how these systems redefine spaces and enhance functionality. In this reflective year-end roundup, we are excited to highlight our top five residential and top five commercial projects, showcasing the transformative power of retractable glass walls in creating dynamic, light-filled, and versatile spaces. 

5 of the Best Residential Projects of 2023 with Retractable Glass Walls

folding retractable glass walls

Paranjape Project – Harmonious Blend of Style and Functionality

The Paranjape Project, a residential masterpiece by Lori Paranjape, integrates Generation 4 folding glass doors, merging indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. This project stands as a prime example of innovative residential architecture. A contemporary dream home that blends classic colonial styles with modern, personalized accents to elevate each space—from the large family kitchen and scullery to the NanaWall folding glass doors that seamlessly connect the outdoor living area. The folding glass window in the kitchen folds to the outside and interior retractable glass walls fold inward to achieve optimal space panning.  The aluminum clad system is customized with divided lites to match her design concept and aesthetic. For designer Lori Paranjape, designing and sharing her own home has been a dream come true.

steel effect retractable glass walls

Steel Effect - Elegance in a Contemporary Farmhouse

The rustic appeal of a contemporary farmhouse finds its voice with the Generation 4 Slimline Steel Effect retractable glass walls. These systems breathe light into each space, casting playful lined shadows that dance between the bygone eras and modernity. The steel effect design flawlessly combines the charm of classic steel with modern technology, offering expansive, light-filled spaces that connect interior and exterior environments. With options including custom glass stop designs and unique steel effect powder coat finishes, this steel look is truly as modern and energy-efficient as it is timeless.

minimal sliding retractable glass walls

Sentinel Hill Residence – Open-Concept Living

This modern three-story timber, concrete, and glass Sentinel Hill residence is nestled among stunning large firs, cedars, and indigenous shrubs. This project exemplifies open concept living, blending California's spacious ethos with the serene beauty of British Columbia featuring NanaWall cero and Generation 4 systems. For a family who wanted to move back from California to B.C. after nearly a decade, they set out to build their dream residence, a true embodiment of the quintessential California living. With an emphasis on indoor-outdoor living, maximizing space, and stellar views, the home also features amenities like an infinity-edge pool, movie theater, home gym, and entertainment lounge with a full bar downstairs.

aluminum framed retractable glass walls

The Dwell House – Compact Luxury Redefined

Meet the future of ADUs – the DWELL house! A unique blend of multifunctionality, durability, and modern design. Norm Architects and the NanaWall Dwell House is a standout in compact, sustainable living. This 540-square-foot ADU features a 12-foot bifold glass door, creating an unbroken indoor-outdoor living experience. The embodiment of modern living, this ADU is designed with performance retractable glass walls to allow for maximum and flexible space planning. These systems offer truly expanded living and enable homeowners and architects to make any small space into larger more versatile living areas. Dreaming of a home office, guesthouse, or poolside cabana? Dwell House can be all that and more. 

cero retractable glass walls

Highridge Mountain Estate – Unobstructed Breathtaking Views

Nestled in the snowy hillsides of the beautiful Rocky Mountain wilderness, Highridge Mountain Residence, featuring cero large panel sliding glass walls, exemplifies the fusion of modern design with the wonders of natural scenery. This system, with panels up to 14' 9" tall, offers expansive views and a seamless connection between the interior and the exterior. Its design is simple yet meticulously engineered, providing clean, uniform, and ultra-thin lines for maximum light-filled spaces. The large panel minimal sliding glass walls allow homeowners to enjoy breathtaking views without visual disturbances. This attribute aligns perfectly with the concept that "with cero, the outdoors becomes your art," as it puts your view into the perfect minimal frame, as nature intended. The massive panels of cero serve as the ultimate frame to complement any view. Additionally, cero's thermally broken Higher Weather Performance Sill offers height adjustability to accommodate potential building movement, with an optional ADA-compliant track insert, and custom drainage options.

5 of the Best Commercial Projects of 2023 with Retractable Glass Walls

frameless retractable glass walls

AUSA Office – Acoustic Sophistication

The Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Office in Arlington, VA, utilizes innovative PrivaSEE to create spaces that are acoustically isolated yet visually appealing. This project is a testament to NanaWall's ability to meet complex design requirements while maintaining aesthetic elegance. These precisely-engineered frameless glass wall systems provide the visibility of a window, with the privacy of a wall — so that all can collaborate with focus, flexibility, and comfort. They also offer sound control solutions for different needs and offer a range of acoustic buffering from STC 30 to STC 45 and are independently tested by certified and accredited laboratories.

commercial retractable glass walls

The Valley – Multifamily Living Innovated

"The Valley" in Amsterdam’s Zuidas district features accordion glass doors in a futuristic multifamily living concept building. This architectural masterpiece showcases the potential of Generation 4 systems in creating versatile, light-filled living spaces. The building also sets a new design standard for retractable glass walls in mixed-use and multifamily spaces. Designed by the renowned Dutch architects at MVRDV, it is a 75,000 m² (800,000 ft²) marvel that seamlessly blends cultural, commercial, and residential elements into one remarkable compound. This astonishing piece of architecture boasts a trio of towers of 67, 81, and 100 meters, all three structures are interconnected by an enchanting "green valley" that stretches elegantly between them.

large panel retractable glass walls

Princeton University – Educational Architecture Reimagined

Princeton University’s new residential colleges, designed by TenBerke, represent a significant campus expansion. Utilizing cero large panel minimal sliding glass walls, these college spaces foster a sense of community and connectivity among students, helping to redefine modern educational spaces. The residential colleges serve as a testament to Princeton's commitment to enhancing the social and academic environment for its students. Each space features long glass walls framed with warm white oak on the ground floors. These transparent sections are strategically placed in common zones, marking a departure from the campus's traditionally more enclosed architecture. The design principles of visibility and universal access are central to these structures. The site's design is crafted to foster a sense of community and belonging, including a significant natural grade change negating the need for stairs, ensuring accessibility for all.

retractable glass wall systems for schools

Centerview Elementary School – Design Forward for Education

Educational facilities are facing the challenge of moving past their traditional designs and evolving to meet the dynamic needs of 21st Century learning. Centerview Elementary School, designed by Wold Architects & Engineers, is revolutionizing educational spaces using NanaWall SL45 folding glass walls. The school embodies principles of personalized learning, offering dynamic, reconfigurable spaces for diverse teaching styles and enriched learning environments. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all traditional classroom model. Interior retractable glass walls help breathe life into an ecosystem where learners and educators coexist and thrive, fostering a community rich in interaction and embodying the positive impact of the "learning on display” model.

all glass retractable glass walls

TQL Stadium – Sports Venues Elevated

At TQL Stadium in Cincinnati, Ohio, the incorporation of a NanaWall ClimaCLEAR™ system significantly enhances the sports venue experience. This frameless individual panel sliding system is designed to offer transparent weather protection with an unobstructed line of sight to the action. The ClimaCLEAR system allows for maximum transparency as it has no vertical stiles, which enables natural daylighting and open views while protecting the luxury suites from weather and water. The panels are designed for easy, quiet, smooth, and trouble-free single-hand operation. ClimaCLEAR also comes with ADA-compliant recessed low profile saddle sills as standard, ensuring accessibility for all fans at TQL Stadium. 

Generation 4 retractable glass walls

Final Thoughts

These exceptional projects highlight the transformative impact of opening glass systems across a myriad of different sectors. As we gear up for the prestigious 2023 Annual NanaAwards Architectural Design Contest, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the most impressive projects from our esteemed customers. Featuring remarkable projects with retractable glass walls, this design contest is a chance for industry professionals, architects, designers, and homeowners to showcase their innovative use of NanaWall in their projects of any size. Each of the projects highlighted in this blog, from commercial and residential to educational settings, demonstrates NanaWall commitment to innovation, functionality, and aesthetic excellence. These projects stand as individual achievements and collectively represent the future of architectural design, where the integration of folding and sliding glass systems plays a crucial role in transforming spaces.

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