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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

Lincoln Park Zoo’s Latest Attraction

The latest attraction at Lincoln Park Zoo is an architectural wonder of its own. With cantilevered frames and vanishing walls, the building is sure to leave a good first impression.

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Floor Supported Systems: The Best Choice for Remodels

The benefits of welcoming the outdoors into the home has greatly influenced recent renovations—a concept most achieved with an opening glass wall. However, there are several things to consider when choosing the right glass wall for your wall opening.

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How to Operate a Folding Glass Wall

The prospect of operating a folding glass wall for the first time might be intimidating. However, there is no need to hesitate – it’s simple!

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To Move or Renovate?

Signals indicate the US renovation market will be strong in the future. What are those signals? For one, American homes are old. Over 40% of US houses were built at least 50 years ago. At some point, they’ll need an upgrade. Learn how homes are transformed with opening glass walls.

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Modern Cabin Designs for 2020

Traditional cabins often have a warm nostalgia associated with memories of family and friends gathering together, but the cabin you grew up visiting may look quite different than the modern cabins being built today.

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The Next Generation Folding Glass Wall

With cutting-edge engineering, proprietary features, and a few US patents in place, NanaWall SL84 provides the slimmest and most thermally efficient aluminum framed folding glass wall. This next generation bifolding door brands a new level of aesthetics featuring an extremely streamlined appearance with minimal exposed hardware.

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The History of Folding Glass Walls

Learn about the 30+ years of history of folding glass walls. Working closely with architects and builders to learn their challenges, NanaWall continues to innovate.

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How to Clean Sliding Glass Door Tracks

Do you find yourself tugging a little harder at your traditional sliding glass door lately? Does the door make noise as it opens and shuts? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions, chances are you will need to perform a bit of sliding glass door maintenance.

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