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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

The Crown Jewel of a Performing Arts School

The Spring Valley Academy was built with the purpose of weaving faith, academics, and the performing arts into one revolutionary youth education program. The school’s founders were determined to strengthen that mission by producing an event center that would be the school’s crown jewel.

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Transforming a Garage into a Luxurious Guesthouse

Garages aren’t often used to store cars these days. People that live car-free, or in safe, sunny areas where they can park outside, don’t require the traditional services of a garage. Many end up as areas to hoard junk in. A Los Angeles resident recognized the potential of the space and wanted to convert the garage into a guesthouse.

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Law of Storefront Attraction: Show People the Inside

If you saw a flying person would you walk over to explore the situation further? Stantec, the architecture firm behind iFly’s new indoor skydiving center in Orlando, Florida, took advantage of the company’s eye-catching service and constructed a retail store that passersby can’t resist to enter.

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From No View to Full View

A beautiful community in Washington sits directly on the edge of the vast, scenic Lake Sammamish. For a long time, the homeowners of a two-story house in that community could barely even see the lake because of the way their 18 year old house was oriented—it was like being at a Cirque Du Soleil show while wearing a sleeping mask or turning your back to a sunset.

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A Different Kind of Clad

Wood or metal substances are the commonly chosen frames for opening glass doors. People forget about the third option. Clad brings the benefits of both wood and metal material into one frame. With clad, you have the energy-efficient thermal performance that comes with wood, and the durability of metal.

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How This Non-Profit Adopted a Modern and Space-Efficient Workplace

Helios is a Florida-based non-profit working to promote post-secondary educational opportunities in Florida and Arizona. Like many non-profits, Helios hoped to transition its image into that of a modern, sharp company. An important step in doing so was to bring more life into its physical office space.

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How to Maximize ROI in a Hotel Food and Beverage Space

As a trend of more discerning customers has emerged in the hotel industry, interest in hotel food and beverage spaces (F&B) has declined. However, just as trends are perpetually in flux, interest is a commodity that can be reignited with a little thought and creativity.

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How to Bring More Flexibility to Your Office

Office space design is becoming more of a focus as companies recognize the benefits that come from investing in their employee’s physical environment. The flexible workspace is one such concept that has recently caught fire within the tech industry.

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How to Easily Skyrocket Your Property Value

Being based in the Bay Area, property value is always on the back of homeowner’s - and potential future homeowner’s - minds. Will the bubble pop next year? Should I sell now? Should I wait to buy? Whether we like it or not, fluctuations to the property value is primarily the product of how desirable the area we live in becomes and is mostly out of our control. However, there are a few upgrades that can be made to your home in order to milk every last dollar of that land.

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Kitchen Trends of 2019

Kitchens renovation is always a topic of discussion for homeowners looking to make some upgrades. Plenty of 2019 kitchen trend lists already exist, but we wanted to throw our two cents in about what we believe this year will bring to kitchen design.

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4 Trends of the Stadium Experience

The New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams this past Sunday in a knock-down, drag-out, snail of a Super Bowl. Say what you will about the entertainment quality of Super Bowl LIII, half-time performance and all, but the shots of Atlanta’s world-class Mercedes-Benz stadium got us excited thinking about stadium design and the fan experience!

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How This Builder Uses NanaWall Opening Glass Walls to Differentiate Their Properties

Dixon, an East Coast property redevelopment company, has been acquiring and renovating New York area luxury properties since 2011. While Dixon uses a number of luxe enhancements to create what it calls the “Dixon Difference” — the company’s proven property revitalization strategy, it is their utilization of NanaWall opening glass walls that has become one of their most impactful components.

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How This T-Mobile Store Manages to Usher In Customer After Customer

Opening up a retail location can be tricky. These days it’s so easy to make purchases online that going the extra mile is an almost essential part of opening up a successful brick and mortar location.

T-Mobile cleverly made the decision to install an HSW60 sliding glass wall as the entrance to its Santa Monica store.

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