Unleash the Appeal and Capacity of Your Business Space

Redefine Boundaries, Inside and Out

We help your commercial space work harder for you, with diverse opportunities to apply new ideas to your interior and exterior. Thanks to the depth and breadth of our 20 unique and customizable systems, our design-to-build support, and after sales service, you turn fixed boundaries into flexible possibilities, which dynamically divide and adjust spaces in hotels, restaurants, classrooms, and stadiums, based on your adaptive needs. 

Elements of the Exceptional

Details Make the Difference

To make exceptional solutions, we focus on the details. Our hinges and self-lubricating rollers require minimal maintenance (aside from normal cleaning). Built in adjustment points minimize expansion and contraction issues. Banks love our secure commercial-grade locking devices and available panic hardware option. Overall, our engineering endures even the most demanding environments, as witnessed by our installations in some 150 sport venues. 

Bottom-Line Benefits

NanaWall solutions give you a business edge by translating their functions into qualitative benefits. Expand your restaurant or display areas into street fronts, sidewalks and mall walkways. Improve sales by eliminating psychological and physical barriers, and allowing customers access to inventory or sales personnel. Add flexible, comfortable, and multifunctional spaces to any business, for shopping, eating, and events. 

“We wanted the full length view of a glass wall in a conditioned space, with the flexibility to open the doors to turn it into a patio. NanaWall was the only product that was impact rated and could meet the wind load requirements for these openings.”

“We chose NanaWall because the large glass panels allow light into the room and the well-designed door system is easy for our staff to use daily to accommodate varying sized groups. The restaurant is more open and attractive contributing to increased guest occupancy.”

“The NanaWalls not only give a unique perception of our hotel, but create a new experience for our guests when the doors are wide open. They have a wonderful fluid function with no maintenance."

“The multi-use space that we designed to adjoin two classrooms needed great visibility and flexibility, with good acoustic separation. The NanaWall not only does this, it’s easy to operate and beautiful.”

"The NanaWall was a logical choice for the Cannery Lofts. Along with the aesthetic merits of the product the technical staff was very helpful in developing a system that was appropriate to the marine environment.” 

“We use the NanaWalls on a daily basis for egress and ingress of cars. The opening walls are reliable, durable, and energy efficient.  In cold weather, the tight seal means no heat loss.  The NanaWalls are fantastic.”