Business Owners

Unleash the Appeal and Capacity of Your Business Space

Redefine Boundaries, Inside and Out

We help your commercial space work harder for you, with diverse opportunities to apply new ideas to your interior and exterior. Thanks to the depth and breadth of our 20 unique and customizable systems, our design-to-build support, and after sales service, you turn fixed boundaries into flexible possibilities, which dynamically divide and adjust spaces in hotels, restaurants, classrooms, and stadiums, based on your adaptive needs.

Optimized Square Footage

Imagine using NanaWall to create transitional and multifunctional spaces that optimize your business’s square footage. So instead of opening an entrance door framed by fixed glass windows, you retract an entire wall, extending usable space, increasing accessibility, and inviting more foot traffic. Or use us to create secure interior spaces for special events, offices, or stores within stores.

Comfort and Security

As beautifully as our operable glass walls open your business to the world, the real test is how they perform when closed – how they ensure comfort against cold or hot weather, drafts, and sound. That defines the NanaWall experience: a useable space that keeps customers happy, lets in natural light, and promotes energy efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.

Elements of the Exceptional

How tough are our swing panels? We engaged an independent lab to open and close a NanaWall swing panel 500,000 times to ensure our designs meet industry standards for commercial application. It’s how precision engineering and high-grade materials combine for a glass wall that stands up to air, water, forced entry, impact, and structural load. Yet it glides open with one hand.

Details Make the Difference

To make exceptional solutions, we focus on the details. Our hinges and self-lubricating rollers require minimal maintenance (aside from normal cleaning). Built in adjustment points minimize expansion and contraction issues. Banks love our secure commercial-grade locking devices and available panic hardware option. Overall, our engineering endures even the most demanding environments, as witnessed by our installations in some 150 sport venues.

Bottom-Line Benefits

NanaWall solutions give you a business edge by translating their functions into qualitative benefits. Expand your restaurant or display areas into street fronts, sidewalks and mall walkways. Improve sales by eliminating psychological and physical barriers, and allowing customers access to inventory or sales personnel. Add flexible, comfortable, and multifunctional spaces to any business, for shopping, eating, and events.