How to Add a Little Privacy to Offices with Opening Glass Walls

Privacy like collaboration is essential for better workplace engagement, innovation, and advancement.

While collaboration is a wonderful tool for generating a heightened sense of energy, creativity, and ideation; privacy is the essential ingredient that allows us to work without distraction, focus, communicate sensitive information, clarify individual ideas, and recharge.

Visa Ceros In on a Brand New Office

In high rent markets like San Francisco, every square inch of space comes at a premium price. The necessity of cost-effective design in such places becomes a catalyst for innovation. Visa, the global credit card company has been maximizing its own office space by installing a number of opening glass walls, including our maximal-paned sliding glass wall,  cero®.


The Special Magic of Our Frameless Center Pivoting CSW75 System

In any given office, there are an infinite number of possible configurations. We like to think that no matter the configuration of an office, we have a system that can not only accommodate it, but improve upon it.

It is this line of thinking that led us to the creation of the CSW75 system. The CSW75 is our center pivot frameless folding glass wall.