What is Responsive Design? A Look at a Millennial's Dream Home


The future of homes is here. Millennials are now starting to buy their first home. They have been using Uber and Airbnb for the past few years, changing the taxi and hotel industry. Now, the way we build homes will change with the responsive designs. 

Design Trends to Interest and Attract Millennial Homebuyers


Millennials, a group defined by our society as adults who are diverse in their ideology, jobs, and tastes; and is the newest group of homebuyers. Their nontraditional style is also the driving force in what they look for in a home to call their own. 

425 Magazine's Meet Me at Lake Chelan

425 Magagzine's Resort Home of the Year is located in Lake Chelan. A mix between modern and farmhouse, the resdience is designed with entertainment in mind during the summer and winter. Christy Lynn Abram gives us on an inside look in "Meet me at Lake Chelan".