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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

How To Update a Religious Institution With an Opening Glass Wall

Religious institutions have unique needs. In any given week, a religious institution might hold several services, act as a wedding venue, as well as host study groups and fundraisers.

They need to have enough capacity to hold an oversized congregation on the weekends, but be flexible enough to accommodate varying group sizes during the week.

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Make Your Outdoor Bedroom Dreams Come True With An Opening Glass Wall

Have you ever wished you could sleep outdoors without all of the fuss of actually going camping?

Many of us have imagined how blissful it would be to simply sleep outdoors, to enjoy the twinkling stars, the sound of crickets and the soft breeze lulling us to sleep from the comfort of our very own beds.

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Office Tour: An Innovative Law Firm Gets Serious About Sound

Gunster Law Firm is an innovative firm in Miami, a distinction easily reflected in its new offices. Designed by ASD | SKY, the new 22,000 square feet office space takes up a full floor.

The major goals of designing Gunster’s new office were flexibility and acoustic isolation, which ASD | SKY ultimately achieved through the use of HSW60, our most advanced Single Track Sliding glass wall.

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Opening Glass Walls That Go Beyond Miami-Dade Certification

When Hurricane Irma hit South Florida in September 2017, residents and business owners braced themselves for the worst. Packing 130-mph winds when it made landfall in the Florida Keys, Irma caused widespread damage on both the Gulf Coast and in the Miami area where fierce winds toppled construction cranes and pushed water through window seals and roof joints at Miami International Airport.

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Sound Explanations: A Deep Dive into STC

Okay, so what is STC, and why should you care?

STC is an acronym for sound transmission class. Sound transmission class is a rating assigned to a particular material or product based on its ability to attenuate sound. It’s a rough reflection of a material or product’s ability to reduce the decibels of surrounding noise.

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NanaWall Knows No Limits

People may not always realize it, but the truth is, NanaWall is basically an unstoppable force. If we say that we are going to get something done, we do.

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