The Endless Array of RemoteSTACK Possibilities

At NanaWall we are very proud of the work we do and the products we create. Our products PERFORM, and we are not shy about saying so.

One of the capabilities that our products have that we are particularly proud of, is a feature called RemoteSTACK.

Designing an Office That Works – Volume 4, Privacy

In this week’s edition of Designing an Office That Works, we will be meditating upon the issue of privacy.

Privacy like collaboration is essential for better workplace engagement, innovation, and advancement.

The Magic of Pure Openings

Opening glass walls are a complex work of architectural engineering, so sometimes when people speak of them there is a lot of jargon that flies around. A jargon-y term we are particularly fond of is “pure openings.” A pure opening is a completely unobstructed aperture created by an operable glass wall whose panels park outside the plane of the opening in a remote location.