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At NanaWall, we're dedicated to providing world-class moveable glass wall systems that take your project to the next level. Our blog explores the latest trends in architecture, interior design and related topics.

Demystifying Simulated Divided Lites

So, what is a simulated divided lite? You might ask.

Generally speaking, a divided lite describes fenestration with multiple panes of glass that are separated by narrow pieces of wood or metal known as mullions.

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10 Outdoor Living Rooms—Because This is What Your Life is Missing

Spring is fast approaching, and we have already begun fantasizing about all things vernal around the NanaWall office. We just want to go back to spending the bulk of our time outdoors again, and there’s really no better way to do that than to create an outdoor living room so that even your most leisurely leisure time is spent outside.

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Architect Spotlight: Paul Revere Williams

In honor of Black History Month and Paul Revere Williams’ one-hundred and twenty-third birthday, we have decided to kick off a new Architect Spotlight series, in which we feature influential architects.

Paul Revere Williams was a pioneer and broke many barriers in the field of architecture.

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Sail Away in Style with Opening Glass Walls

Whether spending time on a houseboat, sailboat, yacht, or luxury liner, optimizing usable space is essential while spending time at sea.

Our opening glass wall systems extend living space, integrating the outdoors in.

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6 Times HSW60 Was Just Downright Impressive

Our HSW60 single track sliding glass wall is our most versatile system to date. It can support an unlimited number of panels and features an enhanced horizontal roller and guide track that allows each individual panel to circumvent even the most difficult design challenges effortlessly.

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CEROing in: Design Inspiration

CERO is our maximal paned, minimally framed, effortless-to-operate sliding glass wall, capable of reaching impressive panel heights of up to 13 feet and widths of up to 7 feet. In spite of how much time we spend with this product, we can’t help but continue to be in awe of it.

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The Magnificent & Newly Expanded Sill Options of SL60

We want to come clean about something: our company is full of nerds - mostly engineers. As such, we get really excited about certain things that would seem rather strange to most - like our sills. Our sills are magnificent works of engineering, without which our products just wouldn’t be the same (keeping the water out, for one). Sills = performance, and we strive to offer the correct solution for maximum performance, regardless of project, project type, or the conditions under which the system is meant to perform.

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NanaWall’s Aluminum Rainbow

Here at NanaWall, we begin the new year by giving you the gift of new powder coat finish options for our aluminum systems. We’ve carefully curated a new portfolio of fifty standard colors, selected with current architectural trends in mind. From whites and warm neutrals to a wide selection of grays, irons, and bronze tones, we’ve covered the gamut.

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Performance Matters

NanaWall Folding System SL70 on the 28th floor of the Memphis Pyramid in Tennessee

Performance engineering is at the heart of NanaWall. Our opening glass walls transcend the concept of large glass openings, facilitating a year-round connection to the outdoors, even in the harshest conditions.

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The Majesty of Modern Glass Homes: Five of Our Favorites

The general public might find this shocking, but here at NanaWall, we love modern glass homes (surprise!). We think they are stunning, and it doesn’t hurt that our products are the perfect complement to their aesthetic – not to mention the abundance of light and fresh air they let in.

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